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Cherish Me Mama : Breastmilk, First Curl, Fur, Handprint, Footprint, Fingerprint, Paw print, Nose print and memorial ash jewellery

Cherish your little one with our range of custom, handmade jewellery. For Mamas and Papas of babies and fur babies alike, we can help you keep your little one close with a piece lovingly made just for you. 

  • Never forget running your hands through their soft locks or fur with our 'first curl' range 
  • Celebrate your breastfeeding journey with breastmilk jewellery made with YOUR milk. 
  • Capture their unique hand, foot, finger, paw or nose prints in sterling silver for an everlasting treasure.
  • Take comfort in holding a lost love close with our memorial range


Not sure what to get your loved one? Why not purchase Gift Vouchers instead? They can then get in touch with us directly to start selecting their favourite piece or work with us to create a unique piece just for them with our custom design service.

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