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Caring for your jewellery and keepsakes

We use the highest quality materials and like any treasured piece of jewellery, you want to make sure it is looked after. Below are some simple care instructions to help you do just this.

Silver based items:
Fine silver does tarnish over time.  Tarnish is a dulling which naturally occurs when silver reacts with sulphur or hydrogen sulphide in the air. This is not due to oxidation as most people might think. Perfume, sweat and other chemicals may cause sterling silver to tarnish quicker. 

Gentle polishing with a soft cotton cloth can remove tarnish as soon as it starts to show. You can use a good quality silver polish, but be careful to avoid getting this on the resin if it is part of your piece. If you prefer the darkening silver look, commonly referred to as patina, then be aware that silver polish removes this.

Humidity, moisture and even the composition of perspiration can speed up the erosion and tarnishing process.

Resin based items:
We use one of the finest quality UV resistant resins available on the market to make sure the condition of your piece is preserved for a long time.

Resin is a plastic however and irrespective of the high quality grade you use, all resins can yellow over time, irrespective of the type of resin being used. To help prevent this, avoid submerging your items in water; exposing you item to chemicals (e.g. perfumes, nail varnish remover, cleaning agents), avoid leaving your item out in sunlight for extended periods of time and protect it from knocks, bumps or stretching.

To polish up your resin simply clean with mild soap and water, and buff with a soft cloth to dry thoroughly and polish up. Try not to be harsh with your items as they need to be treated with care, like you would any jewellery piece. There are a number of resin polishes available to achieve that professional shine.