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How do place an order?
1. Register with us for your Cherish Me Mama account
2. Identify the items you wish to order and add them to your basket
3. Place your order by checking out your basket. Please ensure that you provide full details of any customisation you would like in your order confirmation are made at this stage and make these as clear as possible as we cannot be held responsible for any incomplete or unspecified instructions. 
4. Add any promotional codes you might have, but note; only one special offer can be applied for each basket. These cannot be applied retrospectively.
5. Complete your order by paying for your item. Unpaid orders will be rejected after 7 days.

How long will it take to fulfil my order?
Our bespoke, handmade creations are made with love and attention and this does take time. We promise to keep you updated on the status of your order and that we will endeavour to complete your order within specified lead times. We manage orders on an on-going basis and are able to pull in more resource to handle peak loads, so you will never be waiting a year for your piece. Generally we have a 6-8 week lead time.

What if I change my address?
Simply email us at with all your order details and new address and we will update our records.

Are necklaces included in my pendant purchase?
Unless specifically stated, none of the pendants sold in store include a necklace. We are looking to add a number of necklaces to our range, should you wish to purchase these to suit your preferences.

How much breast milk should I send?
Around 30ml/1oz per item. If you struggle to express that much, do get in touch and we can discuss options available to you. Simply contact

How do I send my breast milk?

Please send it in double bagged (breastmilk bags) in a padded envelope. Around 30ml/1oz per item is ideal. If you struggle to express that much, do get in touch and we can discuss options available to you. Simply contact

Can I use frozen breast milk?
Yes. Simply defrost before sending and follow shipping instructions.

Do I need to send my milk in a refrigerated environment?
No, this is not necessary. Your breast milk contains amazing properties that mean it will be fine to use in your creation. Simply defrost before sending and follow shipping instructions.

I have high lipids levels in my breast milk, is this ok?
No, this will not affect the quality of your creation. Please note the makeup and colour of milk can have an influence on the final colour of your item. Items range from white to a light buttery yellow. This is natural and all part of the magic of your milk.

What happens to my leftover milk?
We hold any remaining milk for a minimum of 6 months after your creation is completed. This provides you with peace of mind so that should you want any more items or have any concerns, we are able to make a new item as needed.

How much hair do you need for first curl pieces?
For pendants please ensure you send a large pinch that is as long as the pendant is tall. Each bead we require a section approximately 3cm long.
Please do not send all that you have of your child’s first curl. Please only send us what we need and keep the rest safe. If you send us more than we need we will return the excess to you along with your item.
Please consider sending your first curl by tracked delivery as we cannot be held responsible for any hair lost in the post.

My little one has light hair, will it still look right?
Lightly coloured hair may not be as visible as darker hair, so a larger pinch of hair may help. To get a good idea, encased in resin, your little one’s hair will appear as it would when it is wet. If you choose to tint the resin with a colour, this can either emphasise or disguise the hair too.

Can you use my baby’s cord stump in my creation?
Yes, we can either transform these into little flecks to disperse throughout the resin or if you wish for a different look, simply let us know.

Can you use my placenta in my creation?
Yes, if your placenta is already encapsulated, we only need one capsule. If it is not, and your placenta is either frozen or currently being refrigerated, please follow the numerous online guides on placenta dehydration so that you can send us the equivalent of one capsule.

Can you put text on my item?
Currently we are unable to offer creations with printed text, however we are looking to add this to our offering soon and will notify you when this is available if you sign up to our newsletter service.

My friends and I would all like jewellery created, can we ship together?
Of course! Just make sure all of your items are clearly marked with your names and notes.

Do your European Style Beads fit Pandora bracelets?
Yes, but please note we cannot be liable for any loss of warranties in placing your items on your own bracelet, pendant etc.

What is the difference between your silver plated items and solid silver items?
Silver is a very precious metal and therefore solid silver items are very valuable.
Silver plating is a way to offer a silver finish to items, but at a lower cost. The process involves bonding an extremely thin layer (measured in microns) of silver to a base metal; most commonly used are copper, brass, white metal, or nickel. Silver plating is more delicate and generally does not last longer than 20 years
Sterling Silver is made up of 92.5% pure silver. This makes it more expensive. Any creation marked as sterling silver in store is made with high quality sterling silver.  It may or may not reflect 925 hallmark. 
Silver items do tarnish over time.  Tarnish is a dulling which naturally occurs when silver reacts with sulphur or hydrogen sulphide in the air. Most people think silver tarnishes due to oxidation. But, chemically speaking, silver is not very reactive—it does not react with oxygen or water at normal temperatures. Perfume, sweat and other chemicals may cause sterling silver to tarnish quicker.  Gentle polishing with a soft cotton cloth can remove tarnish as soon as it starts to show.
Humidity, moisture and even the composition of perspiration can speed up the erosion and tarnishing process.

What is resin?
Resin is essentially a type of plastic which comes in liquid form. This hardens with the addition of a catalyst, enabling us to encase and protect your treasure as part of our range of jewellery and keepsakes.
Are resin items always perfectly symmetrical?
Resin in its original form is a liquid substance so in many instances it may be necessary for the resin is set in a mould or domed on top of a jewellery setting. This means that most items produced will require careful polishing to give the most uniform and flawless look. These are however handmade items and this can never be guaranteed.  

What about bubbles in resin?
The production process of resin set pieces generates many bubbles. If you prefer this look, please do let us know and we will leave them in, but in general, every effort is taken to remove these. We cannot guarantee your item will be bubble free, but using the latest tools and techniques, we have a very effective process at minimising them.

Do I have to keep my resin piece out of the sun?
Ideally yes.
We use good quality UV resistant resin, but at the end of the day, resin is a plastic and irrespective of the high quality grade you use, all resins will eventually yellow over time, no matter what type of resin is being used. You can help prevent excessive discoloration by keeping your item out of direct sunlight and removing it before sunbathing or using sun beds.
To find out more about how to care for your resin, please visit the ‘Caring for your Jewellery’ section.

What other things can cause discolouration of the resin?
When adding inclusions such as breast milk, cremation ashes, placenta, umbilical stumps, text and locks of hair there is a slight chance that these items can have a chemical reaction with the resin and causes it to discolour. If your resin creation discolours significantly within the first 30 days, please get in contact with us and we will replace your item.
Artificial chemicals can also damage and discolour your resin. In particular avoid nail polish remover, perfumes and cleaning products.

Do I have to keep my resin piece out of water?
Ideally yes. Over time, water can have an effect on the quality of the piece, so please dry it off if it gets damp. If covered in chemicals or perspiration we advise you gently wash it off and then dry.

I am not happy with my item, what do I do?
In the first instance, please contact us. There are full details of our returns policy in the Terms and Conditions section of our site.