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How does it work?

We often get the question of how does it all work. Not just with our breastmilk pieces, but our printing pieces too. Here is a little insight into what we do and what you can expect.

Breastmilk pieces

Breastmilk has amazing properties and we give it the special care and attention to ensure you have a finished treasure that will remain beautiful for years to come.

Using the latest tools, materials and preservation techniques, your milk will go through a six step process in which your milk is combined with high quality, jewellery grade resin. It is then hand crafted, polished and finished with care, to give you your final piece.

All treasures will be unique as each mother's milk is a different shade and consistency. Even the process of combining the resin, your milk and any chosen customisation generates variations; ranging from small bubbles, swirling and inclusion placements...but this is why we love what we do, because this is what makes every piece truly unique and beautiful in its own right.

We only need about 30mls/1oz of milk for each piece and this should be sent, double bagged in breastmilk bags (which are more leak resistant) and then inside a padded envelope to the address supplied upon payment for your order.

With our rigorous tracking procedures, you can be assured it will be YOUR milk that is used within and you are kept up to date through the process.  Our 6 month quality guarantee also means that any left over milk will be stored to give you piece of mind and the ability to place any more orders should you wish.


Handprint and Footprint pieces

Double handprint large leaf pendant cherish me mama
Using the latest tools and materials, we can capture a perfect impression of your little one's handprint, footprint or fingerprint in any chosen solid silver shape and we can then mount this onto a high strength silver look keying setting.

For footprint and handprint orders, we will send you an ink less printing kit, with which you can capture an image of your little ones footprint or handprint.

You can either scan or mail this back to us and we transform this into a miniaturised impression in your chosen solid silver keying shape. 


Fingerprint Pieces

For fingerprint orders, we will send you a fingerprint capture kit, with which you can get an impression of your little one's finger.

Once set, you can send this back to us and we will create a reverse of this print, so that when it is set in your chosen solid silver shape, it will be as if your little one had set their print directly into the silver.