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Pearl and Charm

Pearl and Charm

R 1,900.00

Matching this beautiful Breastmilk/first curl pearl, with one of our gorgeous handprint/footprint/fingerprint pendants is a lovely new way to keep your cherished memories close. 

Using the latest tools and materials, we can capture a perfect impression of your little one's handprint, footprint or fingerprint in any chosen shape and we can then mount these onto a sterling silver pendant fixing using a high quality silver plated ring.

For footprint and handprint orders, we will send you an inkless printing kit, with which you can capture an image of your little ones footprint or handprint. You can either scan or mail this back to us and we transform this into a miniaturised impression in your chosen solid silver pendant shape.

For fingerprint orders, we will send you a fingerprint capture kit, with which you can get an impression of your little one's finger. Once set, you can send this back to us and we will create a reverse of this print, so that when it is set in your chosen solid silver shape, it will be as if your little one had set their print directly into the silver.

You can personalise your pearl and choose from a range of colours, pearl effect resins and additional inclusions such as breast milk shapes, flowers, glitter and iridescent strands to accentuate your treasure perfectly.

All options are below. Just make a note of what you would like on the comment's box when you check out to make sure we know what you would like. 

Colours: Clear, Red, Red Oxide, Orange, Yellow, Ocre, Leaf Green, Ocean Green, Baby Blue, Blue, Regalia Blue, Navy Blue, Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Purple
Pearl effects: White, Black, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Gold, Manganese, Bronze, Copper
Glitter: Red, Tangerine, Orange, Burnt Orange, Yellow, Fourescent Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Baby Blue, Blue, Baby Pink, Hot Pink, White, Gold
Iridescent strands: Aurora Cristalina, Lemon Sparkle, Peacock Blue, Calypso Blue, Cobalt Sparkle, Wisteria Blue, Mint Sparkle, Watermelon, Ultraviolet, , Pink, Yellow, Raspberry, Gold, Silver, Forest Blaze.

You can choose from a range of shapes: Circle, Heart, Square, Oval, Flower, Leaf, Butterfly and Diamond. These range between 2-3.5 cm in diameter.

Please note: This item does not include the chain, but we sometimes offer special promotions which include a free plated chain with your order, so do keep your eye out.

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